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Nature on Aruba has much to offer in various forms. Aside from its world famous powder white beaches, Aruba offers desert-like landscapes, rough and rugged shorelines, sandy dunes, and much more…all surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.

tours in aruba


Imagine driving around the islands’ winding roads on a comfortable Trike with its soothing engine vibe, the sun shining and the winds blowing, witnessing the nature and sights Aruba has to offer. This is the mixture for an experience only Trikes Aruba has to offer!

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Aruba’s pristine beaches are amongst the finest beaches in the world. They are famous for their perfect white soft sands and calm and relaxing waters and during the tour you will see all of them stretching around the island…Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Arashi, Malmok and the Spanish Lagoon

Aruba tours

Historic Sights

While we are at it, we will take you to several historic and famous local sights that are more than worthwhile. Places like the California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Casibari Rock formations, Zeerovers, a local fishermen’s place and many more.

On a TRIKE you can discover Aruba at its best!


tours aruba
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